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Pool Heating Systems are your expert Zodiac repairers. We can carry out all of your out of warranty repairs on current and discontinued Zodiac heat pumps. With expert knowledge and genuine parts, your Zodiac heater is in good hands with us. To book a repair on your Zodiac heater please complete the contact us form.


With a new Zodiac Z200 Heat Pump, you can have continuous, reliable heat delivered to your pool even at night for a lot less than you’d think. Small in size yet packed with features, all three Zodiac Z200 Heat Pumps come “intelli-heat” ready, simply set your desired water temperature and it will operate effectively at any time of the day. It runs entirely independently of your filter cycles and is incredibly easy to set-up and control.


  • Season-extender - Perfect for extending your swimming season through the colder months
  • Heating only model
  • Incredibly affordable operating costs (even in comparison to solar)
  • Not reliant on the sun or collectors to heat to full strength
  • Easy, inexpensive installation with minimal plumbing
  • Robust and effective; made for Aussie conditions
  • Plug and play - comes with plug and cord so no need to hardwire


  • 9 kW
  • 12 kW


  • 3 years - electrics
  • 5 years - compressor
  • 5 years - heat exchanger


Suitable for use in all seasons, from intensive defrosting to cooling the pool, the Z400 iQ Heat Pump is our latest and greatest mid-sized residential pool heater. Packed with features and built to last, you can count on the Z400 iQ to fulfill your heating needs for years to come. And, factory-fitted with our iAquaLink WiFi technology, you can take control with your smartphone!


  • All-seasons reverse-cycle heating solution
  • Energy efficient to help cut down on power consumption
  • Not reliant on the sun or collectors to heat at full strength
  • Titanium condenser
  • Robust and effective; made for Aussie conditions
  • New sleek, modern style
  • Built in WiFi
  • Quiet and discrete
Z400 IQ


  • 9.8 kW
  • 12.5 kW
  • 15.6 kW
  • 18.6 kW
  • 22 kW


  • 3 years - electrics
  • 5 years or 4500 hours - whichever comes first on compressor and heat exchanger

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