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At Pool Heating Systems, we’re a leading provider of pool heating equipment, servicing and maintenance you can rely on.

With 15 years in the business, we specialise in products and pool systems from only the most reputable of brands so you can be certain that when you choose to work with us, you’re getting only the best on the market.

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We’re Pool Heating Specialists

We are your local pool heating experts. We not only install new heaters, but will also take care of all your service and maintenance requirements so your pool system runs like clockwork.

Brisbane & Sunshine Coast Electric Pool Heat Pumps

Thanks to the latest advancements in technologies with inverter heat pumps, owning your own pool heater is now an affordable option for most families.

The team at Pool Heating Systems knows it can get a bit cold in the Brisbane and Sunshine Coast winter months.

With a pool heater, you won't have to wait around for swimming season; you will be able to enjoy your pool all year round! Even in the coldest months, you can maintain the optimum water temperature so your family can enjoy a warm, enticing pool at all times.

The best part about owning a pool heater is that you can adjust the temperature of your pool on-demand to ensure that your swimming routine is never interrupted.

Regardless of the weather, your swimming pool will be nothing short of inviting and you’ll be able to dive right in.

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Our Experts Answer Your Frequently Asked Questions

At Pool Heating Systems, we know you’re bound to have questions about our pool systems. After all, you wouldn’t dive right in a pool without knowing if it was safe or how deep it was, would you?

That’s why our experts have compiled answers to some of your most frequently asked questions in this section. But if you have a question about our pool heating, maintenance or servicing that isn’t addressed below, simply get in touch with us!

Because Pool Heating Systems has been around for over a decade, we’ve become leading providers in our industry. From servicing and maintenance to the provision of quality, reliable products from trusted Australian suppliers, you simply can’t go past us.

Our commitment to customer service and satisfaction is second to none. At Pool Heating Systems, if you aren’t satisfied with the outcome, neither are we, and we’ll work with you to come to the best solution for both parties.

For 15 years (and counting) we’ve worked with some of the best brands in pool heating and pool systems to ensure we can provide our customers with the best Australian products and services. This includes:

- Australian Energy Systems
- EvoHeat
- Madimack
- Zodiac
- AstralPool

to navigate through our full range of products and services. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to get in touch with our qualified, approachable team. We’re happy to answer any and all questions you may have.

. If you need information or assistance with something you can’t find on our website, don’t hesitate to give us a call.

If your pool system is in need of servicing/maintenance, please contact us directly to arrange a call-out.

We recommend an annual service carried out by a licensed technician. Pool Heating Systems provides annual servicing as well as breakdown call-outs.

Contact us today to be added to our annual servicing list and one of our friendly office staff will contact you each year when servicing is due.

In climates where there's a risk of water freezing or you need to complete a shock treatment on your pool, we suggest putting the heat pump in bypass to stop water running through the pool system.

In sunny Queensland, however, we recommend leaving the bypass valves as is so water is continuously flushed through the titanium heat exchanger.

on their great range of covers.

If you don’t like the look of pool covers, but still want the protection they offer, contact us today about Heat Loc - the liquid pool cover solution.

Electric pool heat pumps work by taking the outside air and pumping the heat into the water until the desired temperature is reached in a refrigeration cycle. It doesn’t need a lot of energy to do this and actually uses a lot less than its gas counterpart.

When the pool is nearly at the desired temperature, the heat pump starts to ramp down and not draw as much electricity (which, of course, saves you money).

Not all heaters are equipped to cool. To cool your pool’s water, the process is reversed so the heater will pull heat out of the water and put it back into the air. This works in much the same way as a reverse cycle air conditioner.

Our full inverter heat pumps can use up to 80% less power consumption than a standard heat pump, and are a more affordable option compared to gas heaters. The Australian Energy Systems Ai Series produces up to 15.5kW of heat for every 1kW of electricity used.

The heater size depends on a few factors:

- Season extender (September/October – April only) or all year-round heating
- Indoor or outdoor pool
- Surface area of pool
- Are you using a pool cover?

To put it simply, no. The heater can run off the same plumbing as your pool pump but you will need to have a “Priority to Heat” controller installed. This controller tells the pump when to turn on so you can maintain your heater set temperature.

We’re based in north Brisbane and the Sunshine Coast, and we service areas within these regions.

Contact us today to find out if we’ll come to you.

As our factories are not open to the general public, you can arrange for a call-out or obligation free quote by getting in touch with us directly.

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