Heat Pump Repair/Service

Pool Heating Systems recommends you have a professional service carried out on your electric heat pump annually. Don’t leave it until the heater suddenly stops performing as it should, and the pool temperature starts to drop.

Heat Pump Repair/Service

One of the common things we hear from customers experiencing an issue with their heat pump is they were unaware it should be service at least annually.  It’s an easy thing to forget to book, that’s why we offer a free friendly reminder service.

If we have installed a new heater for you or attended your property previously for a break down, we will automatically contact you to schedule servicing to keep your equipment running at its’ best and potentially extend the life of your equipment.

An annual heat pump service includes:

  • Inspect heat exchanger and connections for water leaks
  • Spray coil with coil cleaner
  • Check for vermin activity
  • Check controller, electrical components, pressure switches and connections
  • Test water flow switch operation
  • Test compressor operation and confirm correct refrigerant charge and running pressures
  • Check voltages and running amps and overall function of the heat pump

The more common brands we work with include AstralPool, Australian Energy Systems, Fairland, INSNRG, Madimack, Oasis, Evoheat, Supreme Heating and Zodiac.  We offer servicing on all brands of electric heaters.  If you would like to schedule a service, please contact the office on 0417 400 200 or use the Contact Us form.

Heat Pump & Water Pump Platform/Relocations

Pool Heating Systems now offers custom-made platforms to raise your heater/pool pumps off the ground.  After the devastating floods of February 2022, we were contacted by people looking to re-position their pool equipment higher off the ground to make it less susceptible to flooding.

A wall-mount bracket is not always a suitable option. This is where our custom-made steel platforms are the perfect solution.  Each platform is made to suit the client's individual space.  These can be retrofitted to your existing heater installations where our team will install your platfore

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