Zodiac Intelli-Heat Controller for Integrated pump systems

$625.00 Incl GST


Zodiac Intelli-Heat controller suitable for integrated pump systems in combination with Zodiac heat pumps – Part # WCE0000I

The Zodiac Intelli-heat Controller enables a “Priority to heating” unique feature available with the Zodiac Z200, Z300 and PowerForce Heat Pumps. The Zodiac Intelli-heat Controller constantly checks the water temperature and when required, will turn the circulation pump on in order to maintain the preset temperature.

Please note: This version is for integrated heating systems i.e. the heater is installed on the same plumbing line as the pool’s filtration system.  If you would like the Intelli-Heat controller for separate pump systems please contact the Pool Heating Systems office for assistance.

Additional information

Weight 1.6 kg
Dimensions 20 × 21 × 17 cm


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